Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Feature #8- Edwin Stark's "Eco Station One"

Today's Fall Feature is Edwin Stark's 90k humor novel "Eco Station One".

Edwin shares this with us about himself and his work:

I'd like to introduce myself: The name's Edwin Stark and I currently live in the middle of a typical rainforest. I'm so far away from civilization that not even radio signals dare to reach here. Gosh! Not Even TV! So I write to stay moderately sane, and in the process I found that I can really spin a tale. During the years 2005-2006 I wrote all the tales in my book "Cuentos" and I thought they'd just molder away in my Fabled Writer's Trunk, until self.publishing made possible that they could finally reach an audience. I grabbed the best picks of the litter from a batch of 200 stories I wrote during that period and slapped them together.

But after I finished this project, I realized that there was still something more to be done, so I set down to write "Eco Station One", which ended up being my second novel. This book is a great departure from all my provious work, because I basically write creepy, dark tales with a hidden golden nugget of hope; most of my characters, even while going through terrible ordeals, have incredible moments where they can think "I can make it through", so I expect my readers to walk away from my books thinking. "What a dark story! Yet I found it uplifting!" So I dropped all the foreboding backdrops, monsters and creepy stuff and I began writing an incredibly cheery albeit zany tale about a guy who gets involved in a zany scheme to fleece a major corporation with a project in an ecological research outpost in the middle of a tropical rainforest (now... why does that sound familiar? Hmmm).

Though Eco hasn't earned as many 4 and 5 star reviews as "Cuentos" (people find the book's humor too off-kilter sometimes), it's certainly a funny read. I'll leave you with this brief fact that some people may find fascinating: The title "Cuentos" means "Short Stories" in Spanish, which brings me to a point that I think most readers will be amaze about, in given time: Since my first spoken language isn't English but Spanish, this lends my work with a certain texture and flavor that some people find quite appealing. And those who read my works, before knowing I switched languages somewhere along the way, suddenly gain an improved appreciation tho what I write: they go... "WOW" I can't really believe that you're not a native English speaker!". I also have other books, "AI Rebellion", which is a bit preachy, and "The Clayton Chronicles".

An excerpt from "Eco Station One" can be viewed by visiting the listing here.

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