Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Features

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since I've worked on my Indie Day in the Sun Blog, and I wanted to let everyone know that I'm looking forward to featuring authors who'd like to showcase their work and share links during the fall season.

If you'd like to be feature, please follow the steps below to reserve your place in line :)

1- Email me at indiedayinthesun  @ with a subject of "Fall feature" and the title of your book. In the body, please include your author name, title, the name of the book, the genre(s) you feel best suit your work and word count.

2- Please also include about 200 min-500 words max about your work as a writer, introducing the novel to be featured, or what you hope the readers gain from reading your work.

3- Please feel free to offer an excerpt as well, but please do not include as part of the word count. The reader could just pull that up on Amazon, we want you to be able to show your unique style and take this opportunity to entice readers to add you to their bookshelf!

4- If you'd like to offer a giveaway or any other type of promotion on the site, feel free to do so! Please include the specifics of what you'd like to offer for the promotion, what the prize will be and how to do so. If you can't agree to offer a promotion, and want to decide that later, feel free to do so. But please keep in mind if you change your mind, you will want to make sure that I am contacted before your post goes live. We don't want to false advertise :(

I'm looking to feature approximately 90 novels, so first come, first serve basis. Please include all of the requested/required information to be added to the list. If you fail to include anything, I won't be able to feature you. If you don't get an email back confirming that you've been added to the list, please review your original email to me and make sure you've got everything listed. If it's missing something, feel free to correct it and resend.

Please do not contact me to feature repeat novels that have already been featured on the site, but another novel from the same author is more than welcome!!

Please share the site address as a wonderful way to support your fellow authors and help readers embrace their hard work!

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