Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fall Feature #7- R. C. Drake's "Crystal Clear"

Today's Fall Feature is R.C.Drake's 39k supernatural suspense "Crystal Clear", available in both e-book and traditional book format.

About the novel:

Susan has lost her job. Next, she is told that her husband has died in a car accident. Once arriving at the hospital she is told that her daughter died in the accident as well. She cannot cope with this double tragedy. She leaves the hospital in a dazed state, and would have had an accident as well, if not for the intervention of her daughter, Caroline. However, Susan is unable to let Caroline go after this, allowing Crystal to enter into our world. An evil that desires to exist once again, and be able to travel among the living. All that Crystal needs is a body, and she will be able to exist, forever. Caroline can give Crystal what she craves, but Alice knows she cannot allow this to happen. She is the only one that can stop Crystal. The only way to save Caroline however, is going to cost a very high price.

R.C. is happy to gift up to six smashword copies of the novel to anyone with genuine interest.

"Crystal Clear" can be purchased here on

Visit R.C. at the Author's Den.

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