Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fall Feature #2- Melinda Clayton's "Appalachian Justice"

Today our fall features is  Melinda Clayton's 73,000 historical fiction "Appalachian Justice".

Melinda shares this with us about herself:

I'm an odd mix of psychotherapist and writer who has always loved to read, and who has always loved to explore the motivations behind the choices we make. I try to give my characters depth and to demonstrate the thought processes behind the decisions they make.

I’ve always loved to write, even as a very young child, though for most of my life it was a private hobby.  When my children were young I took some time off from my career in order to be more available to my family, and that seemed the perfect time to seriously explore this passion of mine.  I began by writing mental health and relationship oriented articles for various print and online magazines.  Once I felt I had some experience under my belt, I branched out, writing short stories for inclusion in several anthologies.  

Appalachian Justice is my first novel, and it's dark, no doubt. But it's also a tribute to the many brave women and children with whom I've connected over the years through my therapy practice. They have my deepest, deepest respect and admiration.

Appalachian Justice was recently chosen to receive the Sapphic Readers' Award for 2011, an honor of which I am most proud.

Melinda is happy to give away a free Smashwords download of Appalachian Justice to the first person to comment on this feature page.

Have a look at the excerpt for the novel by clicking here to visit

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  1. I love this book! The author is my childhood friend, my first spend the night party and in 5th grade she exercised her writing abilities. Appalachian Justice is a triumph in story, in spirit and acceptance! It should be required reading for us all!