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Fall Feature # 13 (Insert title/author here)

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For today's Fall Feature, in honor of my daughter's first school field trip to a pumpkin patch, today's Fall Feature is whichever one you pick. You can either go out and find a book you've never read before and list it here, or recommend a book you've already enjoyed or even your own- Self-Promoters are always welcome here :) and list it in the comments. Please link to the book, so visitors can access it easily.

There's lots of books out there of all different shapes and sizes that are ripe for the pickin! Happy Harvest!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Feature #12 Franklin Newman's "Unwelcome Survivors"

Today's Fall Feature is Franklin Newman's "Unwelcome Survivors", a 203k fantasy novel. The novel is available on

Franklin shares this with us:

Did you ever question the Tolkienesque idea that Orcs are unredeemable? Has the concept that Orcs may be more than stupid, savage barbarians ever crossed your mind? Have you ever heard of a group of Orcs who, when they learn of Elves in trouble, actually turn back to help them? Have you ever heard of Orcs defending modern London from an Elvish invasion? Did you ever consider that Orcs could renounce evil in favor of goodness?

Unwelcome Survivors wishes to give you another look at Orcs, through the warrior culture of the nation of Jirenzia, and the counter-culture created by a visionary witch and her disciples.

"Kirustinu, an Orcish nurse practitioner and the last druid, awakens after a shipwreck to find herself in Jirenzia. Her benevolent personality and refusal to accept the sexist ways of the militaristic barbarian culture immediately sets her at odds with Regent Gandriel and his son, Lord Ikhero. Knowing she'll be killed if she stays, Kirustinu, and a group of malcontented Orcs who are as sick of their society as she is, flee from Jirenzia. These Orcs hope to found a better, more benign society on an island only Kirustinu can find, while she teaches them druidism in hopes of reviving the faith. But to get to that island, the Orcs must travel through Dromek, the world of Elves, to seek help from Kirustinu's sister, Sharai, who waits for her return. Hounded by both the Elven army and Lord Ikhero's vengeful Orcish forces, can this band of Orcs escape, or even survive?"

Here is an excerpt:

“Beep!” Once more, a light flashed on Cibre’s computer. Now getting used to having the lights go off, he activated the link, and listened to the broadcast.

“Captain,” Cibre cried out!

“Now what is it,” Kojyc barked?

“There’s something coming in on the radio,” Cibre said. Lieutenant Charlenine left the now almost completely cleaned up coffee mess, and went to the computer. She looked at it, as Cibre listened closely.

“It’s on the emergency frequency,” Lieutenant Charlenine said. “What’s it say?”

“A ship,” Cibre said. “Begging for help. And they’re using some kind of code I don’t understand. I. D. S.”

“I. D. S.,” Sietara interjected. “International distress signal.”

“What is going on,” Nadeera ventured? She and Rojier looked at each other.

“Focus,” Kojyc directed. At Kojyc’s command, Cibre focused entirely on the radio broadcast, and listened with quickened attention.

“Crap,” Cibre called out! “An Elvish ship is sinking. I think it was an attack,” Cibre replied. “Lots of people are dead, and injured.” Redoubling his focus, Cibre tried to listen to the broadcast, but it was too fast for him to follow. He figured out how to answer back, however. “Your message is coming too quickly,” Cibre reacted. “Repeat your broadcast.” His eyes widened, his body stiffened, and his jaw dropped.

“That bad,” Lieutenant Charlenine declared.

“How bad,” Kojyc barked?

“It’s an Elf ship,” Cibre declared. “Luxury liner, with no weapons. It’s sinking.”

“Did they hit rocks,” Lieutenant Charlenine inquired?

“No, it was a shark attack,” Cibre explained. “And it’s still happening. The life rafts are all gone, destroyed by the sharks, along with everyone who tried to escape on one. Lots of people are already dead, and if the ship sinks, everyone else will die, too.”

“Then they’re running out of time,” Sietara said. As she finished the words, all other sound stopped cold. No one even dared to breathe for three straight seconds.

“Where are they,” Kojyc blurted out?

“Already scanning,” Sharai remarked. “Nothing on the short range scans. Switching to the long range scanners.” Rojier took the printouts, and started to read how to use the navigation scanners. Within seconds, he found the answer, and switched the scanners over by pushing the correct buttons. With that, he read his computer screen.

“Found them,” Rojier shouted! “Fifteen and a half miles southwest of us. And there’s about six or seven moving objects in the water, circling them.”

“Confirmed,” Sharai assented. “They’re on the border of the long range scanner.”

“Should we do something about this,” Sietara asked?

“Yes,” Kojyc said. “Thialmayne, turn this boat southwest. Rojier, get us to that ship! Sharai, as soon as you can, raise shields on them. Try and protect them.”

“Energy armor will be raised as soon as I can,” Sharai agreed.

“Cibre, tell them we’re coming,” Kojyc said. “Now make it happen!”

“Yes Sir,” Thialmayne shouted! He pushed the buttons, turning the ship around with his steering wheel. Rojier reviewed the notes, and programmed the new course.

“Southwest, straight for their ship,” Rojier said.

“Hang on,” Cibre announced over the radio. “Hold fast for as long as you can. Help is coming. We’re on our way. Hang on, we’re coming . . .” then he blinked, and looked at Lieutenant Charlenine. “I can’t find them any longer.”

“You’ve lost their signal,” Lieutenant Charlenine said. “Try another channel.”

“Okay,” Cibre said.

“Are we too late,” Sietara worried?

“No,” Kojyc said. “We can’t be! We won’t be! Thialmayne, fast as you go!”

“Yes Sir!” Elatedly, Thialmayne happily obeyed.

“Shall I target the sharks as soon as we get within range,” Sharai asked?

“Absolutely,” Kojyc told her. Except for Cibre, he felt very proud of his crew.

A luxury ship, decorated in a frilly shade of pink, with painting that almost seemed like lace. In all things, elegance was the best possible word to describe this ship. At least, it would be if blood and broken wood, shattered life rafts, and dead bodies were littering the sea near the sinking, nearly capsized boat. Seven tiger sharks circled around the slowly submerging boat, revealed by their unsubmerged fins. All over the ship, there were just under a hundred Elves scurrying up to the stern of the ship, which was sticking straight up in the air, making it the highest point away from the water. The green door opened, and Kojyc walked onto the deck, where Lady Angalisha and Zeliadrith waited and watched.

“I’m glad you came,” Lady Angalisha said.

“Of course I came,” Kojyc replied. “It’s an emergency out there.” He shut his eyes, casting his mental energies into one unseen place. Swiftly, the green door opened again, and out stepped Sharai. She cleared out her throat.

“Ahem,” Sharai said.

“Yes,” Kojyc asked?

“First Officer Charlenine sent me to tell you that there’s another message from the Elf ship. There are ninety-one people still alive on the ship. They’re trying to gather at the port stern. And sixty-five of them are injured. The ship can’t last much longer before it sinks completely.”

“At which point they’ll all be done for,” Zeliadrith stated.

“So let’s send out life rafts and go get them,” Lady Angalisha said.

“We can’t,” Kojyc told her. “Any raft we send out there will get torn to pieces by those sharks, along with anyone who is riding on them.”

“Then let’s use magic against the sharks,” Lady Angalisha suggested.

“There’s a better use for magic, my girl,” Kojyc said. “Why cast several spells when a mere one will do? Sharai, go back and raise the energy armor, luv. When you’ve got that up, fire on the sharks.”

“All right,” Sharai said. Then she returned to the control room.

“Let me try something,” Kojyc said. Casting his eyes at the ship, he rubbed his hands together, and then he folded them, generating purple power. As soon as that was done, he broke his hands apart, and a tiny purple portal appeared on the deck. “Everyone get back! Angalisha, Zeliadrith, I want you two loading cannons. Get ready to fire once I give the order!” Angalisha and Zeliadrith went to the other side of the deck.

“We’ve already done that,” Zeliadrith replied.

“Yes, they’re ready at your word,” Angalisha answered. “These are Elf waters, Sir. It seemed a reasonable defensive measure.”

“Excellent,” Kojyc proclaimed. “I commend you on your quick thinking. Now get ready. We’re about to have some extra passengers. Here they come!” The purple portal expanded, and before anyone knew it, the purple portal also disappeared. In its place were the Elves, all ninety-one of them. The sixty-five Elves who were injured were bleeding heavily, victims of shark bites.

“What is this,” an Elf male in navy clothes of gold and scarlet asked?

“We’re dead,” a female Elf in an expensive white dress, with very decadent pearls. Her dress was ruined with blood.

“Hardly,” Kojyc said. He knelt down, and helped her up. “Welcome aboard.”

“Orcs,” a male Elf screamed! The healthy Elves all stood up, and started reaching for their weapons.

“We don’t appreciate being kidnapped!”

“You’d rather be shark food,” Kojyc countered? Kirustinu came onto the deck, with her backpack and several medical kits. Malerth and Doctor Nolandreskiosh followed her, carrying as many medical kits as they possibly could. Nadeera came in right after that, carrying bandages, tape, alcohol, and clean white cloths.

“We’ll go nowhere with you,” a male Elf boldly protested!

“You’ll go nowhere at all,” Kirustinu declared! As soon as they ventured out just a little bit, Kirustinu, Doctor Nolandreskiosh, Malerth, and Nadeera looked at each other. It was hard to tell at first where they should begin.

“What do we do,” Doctor Nolandreskiosh asked?

“Nadeera, we need triage. You’re an Elf, and have the power of life energy, so you’re our triage girl,” Kirustinu ordered. As soon as she finished the words, she knelt down to the most wounded person, an Elf boy with several bites, and massive bleeding.

“No,” shouted his mother! A wealthy female Elf with beautiful blonde hair and a frilly pink dress, sat there with him. Kirustinu dropped her medical kits, and her bag. She opened a medical kit, and donned gloves, and started to examine the boy. It did not take her long to see she needed medication, so she opened her backpack and searched.

“Malerth, I need you,” Kirustinu insisted!

“Coming, Doctor,” Malerth insisted! Joining Kirustinu, he sat with her, as she filled a syringe with the medication. She injected the boy. Doctor Nolandreskiosh searched out the second-most grievously injured Elf, and when he found her, he treated her on his own. Nadeera was giving Elves numbers; this current one was the number fifty-five. She moved on to another Elf, cleaned him up and bandaged his wounds.

“What is she doing,” asked one of the male Elves? He pointed to Kirustinu.

“She’s a nurse practitioner,” Nadeera explained. “Trained at the Nursing Corps.”

“Aren’t you a Doctor, too,” asked one of the Elves?

“No,” Nadeera said. “I’m just a student. All I know is first aid and anatomy. My job is to rank you guys for the severity of illness so the medics know who to treat first.”

“How can we trust her,” asked a female Elf? “The woman’s an Orc!”

“Doesn’t matter,” Nadeera said. “She took an oath of medical racial neutrality.”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” the boy cried, as Kirustinu used a clamp on the boy’s leg, which caused him to scream.

“Shouldn’t you sedate him,” Malerth asked?

“Not in his condition,” Kirustinu said. “His stats are too low. The sedative would kill him. He’ll have to endure the pain until he’s much better,” Kirustinu said.

“Get away,” his mother barked. “Don’t touch him!”

“I can help him, but I need time,” Kirustinu assured her, calmly.

“No, leave him alone.” She pushed Kirustinu! “Can’t you see he’s hurt enough?”

“Madame, please,” Kirustinu beseeched.

“I will not have my son butchered by an Orc . . .” before she could finish, Kojyc placed his hands on the Elf mother’s shoulder.

“Madame, be calm,” Kojyc explained. “This is my sister, Doctor Kirustinu and her assistant, members of my medical staff. Please don’t interfere in any way.”

“Uh, I . . .” the mother began.

“Malerth, I’m prescribing safflower,” Kirustinu insisted. “See that she gets it.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Malerth said.

“Malerth,” Doctor Nolandreskiosh screamed! “We need morphine here!”

“Sure, Doctor,” Malerth said. “Be right with you!” He ran off, as Kirustinu continued providing critical medical care to the boy.

“I will save your son,” Kirustinu said to the mother, and went back to her work. A teenage girl with exotic white skin, wild, flowing crimson hair, green eyes, a lavender scarf around her neck and front, and a deep pine-green robe with viridian spirals and stars over it, ran out of the red door, with a medical kit. She began to join in, helping to heal injured patients.

“Who is that,” an Elf asked? Kirustinu and Kojyc saw her. Just for a moment, a pair of white wings sprouted out of her back, and then disappeared.

“You don’t have enough medics. I offer myself as a nurse for this emergency.”

“Thank you, Kylie,” Kirustinu said.

“Who is she,” asked an Elf?

“Kylie . . . Temperance,” Kojyc stated. “Nurse Kylie Temperance.” Without delay, Kylie and Kirustinu both dove intently into curing the injured shark attack victims.

“So you’re the Captain,” said a male Elf. He wore a kimono of purple, with gold trim, and he had expensively coiffed features and expensive adornments. “So am I.”

“I see,” Kojyc said. “You mean of the Elf ship?”

“The Poclaroice, and it used to be a top of the line ship,” said the Elf Captain. “Until we sailed into those blasted sharks.”

“Damned shame. Bad luck, but at least you’re all aboard here. And you’re safe.”

“We’re not safe on an Orc ship . . .”

“They can’t get through our energy armor,” Kojyc said. “Look!” He turned the Elf Captain around, and the Elf Captain saw, to his shock, magnetic missiles, and cannon balls, raining down on the bloodthirsty sharks. Two were hit and killed. The others were attempting to swim away, chased by the cannonballs and the magnetic missiles.

“So you can fight off sharks, meaning you’re a war ship,” scoffed the Elf Captain. He crossed his arms. “Are you planning to turn my wealthy passengers over to a torturer for interrogation?”

“I’m turning you Elves over to someone, all right,” Kojyc said, intentionally being menacing. But then, Kojyc broke into a smile, and pointed to Kirustinu. “Her. She’s a nurse practitioner from the Nursing Corps in Flourae. If anyone can save your passengers, it’ll be her.” Having saved the Elf boy’s life, Kirustinu now performed life-saving surgery on an Elf girl.

“When was her last surgery,” Kirustinu asked the Elf girl’s father?

“A year ago,” he replied. “Appendicitis.”

“What’s her blood type?”

“A positive,” he told her.

“Good. Is she allergic to any kind of medications or herbs,” Kirustinu asked?

“One,” he said. “Meadowsweet.”

“So that means aspirin and its variants are right out,” Kirustinu realized.

“That’s her kind of questioning,” Kojyc said to the Elf Captain. “And any torture she or her assistants would put you through would be medically necessary, and not anything else.” Malerth and Kylie provided health care to different Elves.

“How can I believe a word you say,” the Elf Captain asked?

“You know your way around by the stars, right,” Kojyc barked?

“Yes, of course, what sailor wouldn’t . . .”

“Then watch this, and let this be your proof!” Angered, but keeping it in check, Kojyc went to the computer on the wall, and pushed the button. “Cibre, this is the Captain. Tell Thialmayne to turn this boat back to the nearest dock in Dromek.”

“Captain,” Cibre cried out over the radio!

“Did you hear me, Cibre,” Kojyc complained?

“I must have been wrong, Sir, I thought you wanted me to tell Thialmayne . . .”

“Just what I said,” Kojyc ordered. “We’re taking the Elves home. Is that clear?”

“Captain, no, the Elves will kill us the moment they realize . . .”

“Either relay my instructions or get me someone who will, but make your choice, now! I’m sick of this, Cibre!” The radio went dead. Offended, Kojyc pushed the button, reactivating the link. “Cibre! Cibre! Damn you, Cibre, answer . . .”

“Sietara here,” Sietara said over the radio. “Cibre said he wasn’t ever touching a radio again if his life depended on it!”

“If I give you an order, will you do it, even if it shocks you,” Kojyc inquired?

“Yes,” Sietara told him.

“Then tell Thialmayne and Rojier to turn us back to Dromek. We’ve got a ship full of Elves who need to go home.”

“You saved them,” Sietara said. “Bless you.”

“We can get through the sharks safely. It’ll take hours for another Elf ship to come here. It’s easier for us to take them back.”

“Safer too. Why reveal where we live to a bunch of Elves,” Sietara assented?

“So will you tell them?”

“Be right back,” Sietara stated. Then she turned off the radio, and Kojyc stood there. The Elf Captain approached him, and began to tap his feet.

“So what dirty trick are you planning now, Sir?”

“Back,” Sietara said over the radio. “We’re turning back to Dromek in just a minute or two. Rojier is trying to figure out how to do it right now.”

“Turning back to . . .”

“That’s right, turning back. Excellent, Sietara,” Kojyc said. “How do you feel about cooking for a hundred?”

“All I’ve got in the galley that can stretch enough to feed a hundred people in a single meal is vegetarian spaghetti, Sir,” Sietara confessed.

“That’s perfect,” Kojyc said. “Take Cibre, Sietara. Make him help you.”

“Yes Sir,” Sietara replied. She broke the link once more.

“Satisfied,” Kojyc asked to the Elf Captain? “We are not your enemies. Now relax. Everything is going to be all right.” He pointed to Kirustinu, as she, Kylie, Doctor Nolandreskiosh, and Malerth tried to provide medical care to everyone they could. Nadeera was cleaning other patients up, and assigning them numbers. Since he could not be helpful in any other way, so Kojyc ran around, trying to help by casting healing spells.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Feature #12 Jed Fisher's "First Enlistment: War for Profit

Today's feature is Jed Fisher's 68K military science fiction adventure "First Enlistment: War for Profit". Available here on

Jed shares this with us about his writing:

I have written several short stories and online articles, as well as four novels. I also had a poem and short story published by a
literary magazine. I definitely prefer prose to express myself, to tell stories. Three of my novels make up the War for Profit Trilogy,
of which First Enlistment is the beginning. I’ve studied literature and writing and have earned a degree in English with a minor in Professional Writing from Cameron University, giving me the tools needed to tell a story in a way readers can enjoy.

I’ve been told I have a smooth and easy writing style and voice that
makes my stories hard to put down; I certainly hope so.
The main reason I chose to start writing was because I ran out of
things I wanted to read. The military science fiction genre is slim,
narrow, and limited. An average reader could chew through it in a
couple of years and be left with nothing more to enjoy. I complained
about it and my friends who said, “What are you doing about it besides

So I learned to write and then wrote some stories and I hope, wrote them well.
Please, enjoy my stories.


Sevin’s decision became clear. The lead tank destroyer
blinked off the screen. Then tank zero one blinked off the screen. The
last tank destroyer turned east and ran at top speed along the river
bank. Galen checked his auxiliary status screen. Sevin had been in the
tank alone, driving it with the commander’s override controls. His
status was black. Dead.
“Jones, can we go any faster?”
“This is it, Chief. We got a problem with the left final drive and the
track tension is a little sloppy on that side. The computer won’t let
us roll any faster.”
Galen studied the situation map. He checked the estimated speed of the
enemy vehicle. It would catch up to them before they reached the
perimeter of the main body. But three zero was the only operational
tank left on the situation map. The task of stopping the tank
destroyer was Galen’s.
“Stop, driver. Pivot a half-left and pull a half a klick up into the draw.”
Jones did as instructed.
“Okay, whoop it around and back up into the trees. Get us in real good.”
The Hornet was parked facing the river, dense crab apple trees and
higher ground on three sides. Galen had a nice view down to the river,
and was high enough to see the river bank where it met the water. He’d
have a clear shot at the MS-100’s left flank.
“Tad, charge seven.”
The MS-100 came at full speed. It was tilted to the right, its right
track splashing in the river’s water. Galen waited, waited until he
was sure of a good hit. He fired the laser cannon, scoring a hit at
the base of the hull between the road wheels. A hot glob of metal
splayed the inside of the vehicle. The laser bolt was strong enough to
continue through the right side of the hull and explode river water
into a geyser of steam. The MS-100 veered right and drove into the
river, a dead driver at its controls. It continued to shove itself
into the river until its piston engine became drowned with river
water. Its symbol disappeared from the situation map.
The Hornet’s main power was off for fifteen seconds, and then came
back on line. Galen spoke into his hand mike, “Jones, we can join the
main body now. But take it easy, there’s no hurry.”
“Roger, Chief.”
Tad gripped Galen’s shoulder, “Nice shot.”
“I do my best. Did you see Sevin’s work?”
“Yeah. He did well. Too bad he didn’t make it.”
“He knew he wouldn’t make it. But he had to do it. He knew we’d be dog
meat if he didn’t do it.”
“I think so.” Tad looked up.
“He knew he wouldn’t make it,” said Galen, in a voice too low for
anyone else to hear. “He knew.”

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Feature #11. Novels described with one letter from A to Z (or most of them) just waiting for you to discover them.

Today's Fall Feature give us a beautiful display of many novels falling from the sky hoping to land gracefully onto a space on your bookshelf. An amazon thread poster "TFD" created a thread titled " Describe your book with one letter. No duplicates." and consented for me to share the additions to the thread with my blog visitors.

A (Angels) Whispers Of Angels

B (Bronze Age Ireland and Brave hero/heroine in) BENDING THE BOYNE: A novel of ancient Ireland

C (Castro. Cuba. Communists. CIA. Cennedy) Bay of Pigs, Blood of Cuba

D ("Desert." Also, descent, difficulty, and dear friends. Desolation, dehydration, and death. Disillusionment, desperation, and a dreadful decision.) Kingmaker - YA High Fantasy

E (eerie) Something Most Deadly, Something Very Ghostly , and Something Most Evil .

F (the Fox, who saves the day this time around)
Revenge of the Gingerbread Man!

G (Grizzly, Griffin, Great mural painter) Collinsfort Village

H (HUGE rodent in the Harbour!) Gulliver Mouse
 I (inspiring) In Memory of Dad

J (Jesus. Jesus has returned but claims he's not the Christ....)
SCARS: An Amazing End-Times Prophecy Novel

K (Kalkar - who stand smoking in the sunlight and move only at night burning everything in their path.) Revealing Rexa (Secrets of the Revealers)

L (Love, Longing, Life, and Language) Ember of Dreams (The Clarion Chronicles)

M (Mysterious, mania, malevolent men, misery, magnetism, misinterpreted motives, maltreatment) Formula Rx:17

O (Orgasmic) Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance

P (Passionate Politics, Playful People with Panache) Between a Rock and a Mad Woman

Q (quixotic) There is Strangeness in the Universe (Volume 1)

R (realistic) Falling Star (The Watchers)

S (Science, Short Stories, Sensual, Sexual, Scintillating, Smart) Symphony of Discovery

T (Time (Space) and Taxes, Time Travel, Teleportation) Time, Space and Taxes

V (violent) The Libertines Motorcycle Club: An Outlaw Is Born


X (X Factor) Not One of Us (The Flower Ladies Trilogy, Book 1).

Fall Feature #10- Nancy Morse's "Where the Wild Wind Blows"

Todays' Fall Feature is Nancy Morse's "WHERE THE WILD WIND BLOWS", an 84k historical romance.

From Nancy:

I write about falling in love. For anyone who has ever loved, or loved and lost, or been a fool for love, or done things in the name of love, whether it’s in the past or the present, puppy love or love so strong it defies all logic, love on the Grand Prix racing circuit or love aboard a pirate ship…I welcome you to enter my historical and contemporary romance novels and experience that crazy thing called love.

Born and raised in Sioux country, Katie McCabe, daughter of an Indian trader, finds herself alone and adrift after her family is killed in a battle between the Indians and the soldiers. Black Moon, the fierce Oglala warrior who has vowed to fight to keep the white people from taking his land, rescues Katie and brings her to live in his village. As Black Moon tries to reconcile his hatred of the whites with his desire for the trader’s daughter, Katie struggles with an obligation to marry a man she does not love while yearning for the fierce-hearted Black Moon. The love that ignites between these two wild hearts is tested by Katie’s promise to a dying woman, the treachery of a jealous adversary, Katie’s abduction by the Crows, the cavalry lieutenant who falls in love with her, and the tensions that erupt between the Sioux and the U.S. Army. From the desolation of the Great Plains to the opulence of St. Louis, a headstrong white girl and a proud Oglala warrior fight for their love and for the wild country of their birth.

This book is available at Amazon as a Kindle edition and at Smashwords.
You can read an excerpt on Nancy's website

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Feature #9- J.C. Allen's "M.O.D."

Today's fall feature is M.O.D. by J. C. Allen , a 78k Political intrigue; technothriller.

About the Author:
Born and raised in the Charleston, WV area, this young single father started writing when unimaginable circumstances thrust him into a situation beyond his control. As a way to stay connected to his beloved daughters, he began writing stories to entertain them - first a fantastical, magical adventure, the Edge of Knight series.

What started as entertainment for his daughters evolved into a coping mechanism to maintain his sanity as he waged a monumental battle against injustice. The battle continues, and as his daughters have grown into teenagers, the stories have changed to more mature fiction. M.O.D. is the first book to be published.

J. C. Allen is a pseudonym, represented by the author's middle name, his younger daughter's middle initial, and his favorite niece's initial. Both girls have been instrumental in bringing his books to the public.

About the Book:
M.O.D. is about a wanted hacker from the '80s who resurfaces with the means and intent to overthrow what he perceives to be a corrupt government. Scott Carver is asked to make this decision when the hacker, "M.O.D." asks him to help plan a revolution.

While eluding authorities for decades, M.O.D. has pirated trillions of dollars in funds and equipment for his rebellion. He aims to topple the government in the name of the Constitution and its founding fathers. Is he maniacal? ... or is he right?

Available at:
Kindle e-book or Paperback
Barnes and Noble: (Nookbook)Link

Video Book Trailer

For those interested in getting their hands on one of five free e-book copies of "M.O.D." please leave a comment with your name and email address.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Feature #8- Edwin Stark's "Eco Station One"

Today's Fall Feature is Edwin Stark's 90k humor novel "Eco Station One".

Edwin shares this with us about himself and his work:

I'd like to introduce myself: The name's Edwin Stark and I currently live in the middle of a typical rainforest. I'm so far away from civilization that not even radio signals dare to reach here. Gosh! Not Even TV! So I write to stay moderately sane, and in the process I found that I can really spin a tale. During the years 2005-2006 I wrote all the tales in my book "Cuentos" and I thought they'd just molder away in my Fabled Writer's Trunk, until self.publishing made possible that they could finally reach an audience. I grabbed the best picks of the litter from a batch of 200 stories I wrote during that period and slapped them together.

But after I finished this project, I realized that there was still something more to be done, so I set down to write "Eco Station One", which ended up being my second novel. This book is a great departure from all my provious work, because I basically write creepy, dark tales with a hidden golden nugget of hope; most of my characters, even while going through terrible ordeals, have incredible moments where they can think "I can make it through", so I expect my readers to walk away from my books thinking. "What a dark story! Yet I found it uplifting!" So I dropped all the foreboding backdrops, monsters and creepy stuff and I began writing an incredibly cheery albeit zany tale about a guy who gets involved in a zany scheme to fleece a major corporation with a project in an ecological research outpost in the middle of a tropical rainforest (now... why does that sound familiar? Hmmm).

Though Eco hasn't earned as many 4 and 5 star reviews as "Cuentos" (people find the book's humor too off-kilter sometimes), it's certainly a funny read. I'll leave you with this brief fact that some people may find fascinating: The title "Cuentos" means "Short Stories" in Spanish, which brings me to a point that I think most readers will be amaze about, in given time: Since my first spoken language isn't English but Spanish, this lends my work with a certain texture and flavor that some people find quite appealing. And those who read my works, before knowing I switched languages somewhere along the way, suddenly gain an improved appreciation tho what I write: they go... "WOW" I can't really believe that you're not a native English speaker!". I also have other books, "AI Rebellion", which is a bit preachy, and "The Clayton Chronicles".

An excerpt from "Eco Station One" can be viewed by visiting the listing here.