Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Feature #11. Novels described with one letter from A to Z (or most of them) just waiting for you to discover them.

Today's Fall Feature give us a beautiful display of many novels falling from the sky hoping to land gracefully onto a space on your bookshelf. An amazon thread poster "TFD" created a thread titled " Describe your book with one letter. No duplicates." and consented for me to share the additions to the thread with my blog visitors.

A (Angels) Whispers Of Angels

B (Bronze Age Ireland and Brave hero/heroine in) BENDING THE BOYNE: A novel of ancient Ireland

C (Castro. Cuba. Communists. CIA. Cennedy) Bay of Pigs, Blood of Cuba

D ("Desert." Also, descent, difficulty, and dear friends. Desolation, dehydration, and death. Disillusionment, desperation, and a dreadful decision.) Kingmaker - YA High Fantasy

E (eerie) Something Most Deadly, Something Very Ghostly , and Something Most Evil .

F (the Fox, who saves the day this time around)
Revenge of the Gingerbread Man!

G (Grizzly, Griffin, Great mural painter) Collinsfort Village

H (HUGE rodent in the Harbour!) Gulliver Mouse
 I (inspiring) In Memory of Dad

J (Jesus. Jesus has returned but claims he's not the Christ....)
SCARS: An Amazing End-Times Prophecy Novel

K (Kalkar - who stand smoking in the sunlight and move only at night burning everything in their path.) Revealing Rexa (Secrets of the Revealers)

L (Love, Longing, Life, and Language) Ember of Dreams (The Clarion Chronicles)

M (Mysterious, mania, malevolent men, misery, magnetism, misinterpreted motives, maltreatment) Formula Rx:17

O (Orgasmic) Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance

P (Passionate Politics, Playful People with Panache) Between a Rock and a Mad Woman

Q (quixotic) There is Strangeness in the Universe (Volume 1)

R (realistic) Falling Star (The Watchers)

S (Science, Short Stories, Sensual, Sexual, Scintillating, Smart) Symphony of Discovery

T (Time (Space) and Taxes, Time Travel, Teleportation) Time, Space and Taxes

V (violent) The Libertines Motorcycle Club: An Outlaw Is Born


X (X Factor) Not One of Us (The Flower Ladies Trilogy, Book 1).


  1. Oh dear I am out of time :-( Please may I offer my book to your Alphabet? There is of course, only one letter to describe my romance offering...

    O the big 'O', for Orgasmic of course!

    Knockout! A Passionate Police Romance by Emma Calin

  2. Hello Emma. I added it. Never too late to join a party that's still going :)

  3. Fun list. Thanks for posting!