Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fall Feature #10- Nancy Morse's "Where the Wild Wind Blows"

Todays' Fall Feature is Nancy Morse's "WHERE THE WILD WIND BLOWS", an 84k historical romance.

From Nancy:

I write about falling in love. For anyone who has ever loved, or loved and lost, or been a fool for love, or done things in the name of love, whether it’s in the past or the present, puppy love or love so strong it defies all logic, love on the Grand Prix racing circuit or love aboard a pirate ship…I welcome you to enter my historical and contemporary romance novels and experience that crazy thing called love.

Born and raised in Sioux country, Katie McCabe, daughter of an Indian trader, finds herself alone and adrift after her family is killed in a battle between the Indians and the soldiers. Black Moon, the fierce Oglala warrior who has vowed to fight to keep the white people from taking his land, rescues Katie and brings her to live in his village. As Black Moon tries to reconcile his hatred of the whites with his desire for the trader’s daughter, Katie struggles with an obligation to marry a man she does not love while yearning for the fierce-hearted Black Moon. The love that ignites between these two wild hearts is tested by Katie’s promise to a dying woman, the treachery of a jealous adversary, Katie’s abduction by the Crows, the cavalry lieutenant who falls in love with her, and the tensions that erupt between the Sioux and the U.S. Army. From the desolation of the Great Plains to the opulence of St. Louis, a headstrong white girl and a proud Oglala warrior fight for their love and for the wild country of their birth.

This book is available at Amazon as a Kindle edition and at Smashwords.
You can read an excerpt on Nancy's website


  1. Nancy :) Taking a stroll over from the Spinning Wheel Cafe...what an interesting story. And I love the cover.

  2. I agree Susan, the cover is quite nice. :)