Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fall Feature #6- Rebecca Stroud's "Do Unto Others"

Today's feature is Rebecca Stroud's 15k Suspense/Thriller Novella "Do Unto Others".

Rebecca Shares this with us about her Novella:

I am an avid animal lover…have been all my life. My experience with them has been all over the map. I worked for veterinarians; for humane societies and wildlife sanctuaries; and - then - I became a columnist, writing The Animal Advocate for various newspapers. Now I'm proud to say I'm an 'indie' author.

So it should come as no surprise that everything I write involves an animal (primarily dogs, who I personally think are the most fabulous creatures on this planet).

That said, Do Unto Others is not a 'comfy cozy' book. Meaning: Over the years, I've become so sick and tired of animal abusers getting off with a simple slap on the wrist that I took my frustrations out in this fictional story.

As our legal system seems to be perpetually hamstrung when it comes to punishing those who commit these horrendous crimes, my 'special' twins have no such problem. Ergo, the book is - at times - quite gruesome and graphic.

Of course, I understand this book isn't for everyone. Yet, if you believe as I do that those who abuse the helpless - be they animals, children, or the elderly - deserve to pay dearly, then I also believe you'll find this novella right up your alley.

Here is a brief excerpt:

Serenity Smith lay spread-eagled on her canopied bed, arms and legs tied at each corner post. Sonia was no longer naked but Smith was. And she was bleeding profusely.

The sisters sat on either side of her and told her why she wouldn't live through the night.

"First of all, Serenity," Linda said in a calm and matter-of-fact voice, "you betrayed an innocent creature. A dog who loved you with all his heart, who depended on you for everything. Yet you chose to ignore him completely. He had no food, no water, he literally lived in his own crap…" She gritted her teeth, her voice trailing off in disgust as she held up the pair of small lawn clippers, prepared to remove the last of Smith's toes.

"Furthermore, you thought you'd get away with this, didn't you?" Sonia sneered at the gagged and terrified woman, nodding at her sister to proceed.

Smith's eyes bulged as Linda smiled and snipped off Serenity's right thumb.

"Sorry," she said. "But your stinking feet were making me sick."

Click here to visit to read a longer excerpt and/or purchase the novella.

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